We work with smallholder farmers, SMEs, corporations and commercial farmers to build their capacities inorder for them to harness ICTs and build their capacities to access to markets and finance, develop inclusive value chains, and enhance food and nutrition security policies for a resilient agricultural ecosystem.

Governments, universities and non-profit organisations also have an important role to play in farming especially in supporting smallholder farmers and village cooperatives and providing agricultural advisory services. Transforming smallholder agriculture into a profitable and sustainable business in Sub Saharan Africa remains a significant challenge. For non-profit and other entities tech4farmers can offer assistance in the form of cost share and preferential treatment when undertaking expensive assignments or programs. Examples of such projects may include research, designing and implementing mobile finance and mobile data strategies that connect the economic base of the pyramid with formal economic activity since such initiatives may entail creating strategic alliances with commercial bank partners, card payment providers, agricultural lead firms, mobile network operators and mobile solution providers.

Our team of experts is available to ensure that we successfully implement and deliver complex projects for our clients on time and within budgets.